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*CD1025  Thumbnails Contact sheet for CD1025 (Added: Mon Jan 14 2002) *CD1025    Slideshow CD1025: Antarctic   (Added: Mon Nov 13 2006)
*CD1026  Thumbnails Contact sheet for CD1026 (Added: Wed Jan 23 2002) *CD1026    Slideshow CD1026: Antarctic   (Added: Tue Nov 14 2006)
CD1025 S02 Icebergs Icebergs floating in a very cold sea (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002) CD1025 S03 Warning sign, French Research Station, Kerquelan. Penquins better take care when climbing this bank! (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002)
CD1025 S04 King penguin chicks A muddy playing field for young penguins (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002) CD1025 S05 Adelies waving bye Penguins wave goodbye as man goes back to his helicopter (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002)
CD1025 S06 Emperor Penguin family Family photo! (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002) CD1025 S08 Macaroni Penguin A Macaroni rock hopping (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002)
CD1025 S09 Chinstrap Penguin sitting on a damp nest (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002) CD1025 S10 Emperor Penguins Sun bathing on an ice flow (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002)
CD1025 S11 Emperor Penguins A family grouping (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002) CD1025 S12 Helicopter flying over pack ice (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002)
CD1025 S13 Helicopter en route to a British Antarctic Survey Ship (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002) CD1025 S15 Reflections A King penguin and his reflection (Added: Mon Jan 14 2002)
CD1025 S16 Nest Gentoo penguin and chicks in a nest (Added: Mon Jan 14 2002) CD1025 S17 King penguin chick begging food from a parent (Added: Mon Jan 14 2002)
CD1025 S19 Emperor Penguin and offspring (Added: Mon Jan 14 2002) CD1025 S20 Forward march! Two King penguins in line (Added: Mon Jan 14 2002)
CD1025 S22 King penguins Two King penguins discuss the state of the rookery (Added: Mon Jan 14 2002) CD1025 S23 Emperor penguins on an ice flow (Added: Mon Jan 14 2002)

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