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  Ambrym (4)
An island in Vanuatu
  Loh (5)
Loh Island in Vanuatu
  Pentecost (25)
An island in Vanuatu famous for its Land Divers
  Tomman (7)
An island in Vanuatu


*CD46  Thumbnails Contact sheet for CD46 (Added: Fri Feb 09 2001) CD46 S03 World Discoverer The World Discoverer - A ship then owned by Society Expeditions - framed between trees while a local looks on (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000)
CD46 S04 Stony Beach Tropical jungle grows down to the beach (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000) CD46 S05 Palm Trees Trees blow in the tropical breeze (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000)
CD46 S06 Welcoming Group The whole village comes out to welcome the visitors (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000) CD46 S14 Preparing Food A man skillfully uses a machete (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000)
CD46 S15 A Man making his way home Man going home dressed in the traditional penis sheath (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000) CD46 S16 Dancers Dancers prepare for their performance (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000)
CD46 S23 Dancers Dancers enter the clearing for their performance (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000)



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