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  Santa Ana (7)
An Island in the Solomons


CD46 S24 Children Local children waiting for the arrival of visitors (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000) CD46 S26 Local Settlement Settlement in Guadalcanal (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000)
CD46 S27 Lone Canoe Quadalcanal (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000) CD46 S28 Tour Guide Tour guide waits for stragglers to catch up (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000)
CD46 S29 Small Community A small community in Quadalcanal (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000) CD46 S30 Local Village Empty huts while the locals are at a welcoming ceremony (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000)
CD46 S31 Huts Empty village huts (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000) CD46 S32 Local inhabitants Locals look out to sea as visitor leave (Added: Thu Oct 12 2000)




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