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  Bears (7)
Black Bears in West Vancouver, BC, Canada
  Birds (81)
Photographs of birds from around the world
  Elephants (10)
Photogaphs of elephants taken in India and Burma (Myanmar)
  Fungi (27)
A collection of photographs of mushrooms and toadstools
  Japanese Macaques (36)
Also known as Snow Monkeys or more accurately hot spring monkeys photographed in Honshu, Japan
  Komodo Dragons (18)
A collection of photographs of Komodo lizards from Indonesia
  Nature (27)
Nature Photographs
  Penguins (63)
Photos of Penguins taken in Antarctica. See also Antarctica category
  People (25)
Miscellaneous Photographs of People
  Plants (61)
Photographs of Plants
  Polar Bears (27)
Large Northern bears which inhabit the Arctic polar regions
  Pygmy Deer (9)
Baby Pygmy Deer photographs taken in the 1960s in Vietnam
  Still Life (6)
Still Life Photographs
  Tigers (18)
Photographs of tigers taken in the wild in India
  Walrus (12)
A large marine animal living in the Arctic Ocean




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